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We ensure the security of your data.


All your information is stored on servers in Germany.
We encrypt both our database as well as saved, external documents. In addition, database backups are created to avoid any loss of important information.
Furthermore our web application is only accessible via an encrypted link.

Data protection

Being a german company we are bound to the EU-GDPR. We offer a data processing addendum to our professional and enterprise customers which complies with the current regulation.

Further information regarding data protection
Feel free to contact us in case of further requirements or questions.

Business trips

You often go on business trips and would like to access your project data remotely? Pertuniti includes a mobile view for documents, contacts, tasks and meetings. Consequently, the web application is easily and safely accessible on business trips without the need to install i.e. a VPN connection.

Rights management

Our professional and enterprise accounts enable you to manage case-specific access rights.

Further information regarding rights management


Pertuniti creates backups of all previously saved versions of a file to avoid any loss of information.

Further information regarding backups