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Our team supports you digitizing your workflows.
From integration to the actual usage - and beyond.


Today, your company has a complex system landscape. We support you integrating Pertuniti into this landscape in an optimal way. Thereby, we avoid information or time being lost at (manual) interfaces. In collaboration, we integrate existing data silos, BPM/ERP systems, and help you to improve your processes.

Our template function enables personalized correspondence in your individual layout. Here we work on the principle of help for self-help. We are happy to help you with the creation of a master template or complex automation. Your colleagues who are involved in the process can also apply this knowledge to other points elsewhere anytime.


If your questions go way beyond support, depending on your location we also offer individual on-site or videoconference trainings. There, we show your collegues how to use Pertuniti in an optimal way, and how to tailor it to your needs.


We offer support for PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE customers, and help you to improve your productivity. We gladly show you how Pertuniti can support your workflow in an optimal way. In collaboration, product questions can be resolved quickly. For complex questions, you'll receive qualified support from our core developers.

Contact Us!

Johannes Tenschert

Co-Founder, CEO

+49 160 6414949

Sophia Marmaridis

Co-Founder, Marketing