Model and manage your processes in Pertuniti!

Pertuniti integrates project and process management in one platform, enabling you to model in BPMN, process landscapes, flowcharts and other diagram types, and to manage projects for the very reason you are modeling.
With Pertuniti, you can make your operational processes transparent, design an internal control system, or implement a quality management system.
Business processes can be modeled via drag & drop, and properties may be set on a fine-granular level.
Modeling via Drag & Drop
Diagram elements can easily be colored, for example to implement a CI, to raise awareness for critical tasks, or to classify activities.
Highlight in color
Pertuniti supports the automatic detection of many errors and violations of best practices.
Model Checker
Pertuniti also supports flowcharts for modeling business processes.
Flowcharts as well
Pertuniti supports process landscapes as a dedicated diagram format.
Process landscapes
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How will Pertuniti support my process modeling efforts?

Model business processes
Outline process interrelationships
Identify errors in process models
Organize modeling projects
Create a common understanding

What can I model with Pertuniti?

Operative processes
Efficiency and transparency

Operational processes are usually modeled in order to optimize them according to certain criteria (e.g. costs, time, flexibility, quality), to clearly define responsibilities, to create a common understanding, and as a basis for automation.

With Pertuniti, processes can be modeled and to some extent automated. Pertuniti supports both process modeling and the operational execution of processes.

Internal control systems
Auditability and responsibility

Internal control systems are used to detect and deal with risks in processes, particularly for financial aspects of the company. Detective and preventive controls are introduced to deal with them. Many companies are obliged to use an internal control system.

Audits are usually based on documented processes that may for example be modeled in Pertuniti using BPMN, flowcharts or DCR graphs.

Quality management systems
Continuous improvement

Quality management systems are a collection of business processes that together ensure consistent fulfillment of customer requirements and that are subject to continuous improvement.

Most standards in quality management require transparent and documented processes and process landscapes, which can be implemented in Pertuniti for example with BPMN, flowcharts and process landscapes.

Model business processes

With Pertuniti, you can model your organization's processes and entire process landscapes easily and using common standards. In addition to BPMN, process landscapes and flowcharts, Pertuniti also supports other diagram types such as EER diagrams (data modeling), Petri nets (parallel processes) and more.

Outline process interrelationships

Identify errors in process models

Pertuniti supports your modeling activities by automatically detecting a growing list of typical errors or violations of best practices. This includes, for example, missing labels, identical naming of activities, and other issues.
This feature can be seen both as continuous training and as a basic quality control.

Organize your modeling projects

Pertuniti covers much more than "just" modeling, because process modeling initiatives always involve some degree of project management.
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Projects are organized in so-called "cases", which can have their own access rights, define stakeholders outside the system, manage tasks, correspondence and discussions and have flexible master data. Different case contents such as diagrams, documents, tasks, calendar entries and more can be linked in order to quickly find related information.

Start modeling at 35€ per month

You can use Pertuniti for your long-term process management as well as for short-term projects!

Reader accounts (1€ per month excl. VAT)

Read accounts enable very cost-effective access for many team members to models, tasks, documents, and more.


As a cloud-based solution, you don't need any maintenance for servers, installation, or updates. You can also easily scale in all directions.

Monthly contract

The costs for individual accounts as well as the entire contract can be terminated on a monthly basis. Short-term project members or responsibilities can thus be handled very cost-effectively.

Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

+49 89 21540190

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