At Pertuniti GmbH, we enable knowledge workers in improving the coordination and communication within teams and ultimately increase their quality of work.

We develop a highly flexible cloud-based case management solution to manage your cases, processes, or projects. Due to the prevalence and importance of communication in knowledge work and today’s high degree of variability on how to perform work, we did not adopt the typical approach of making business process management solutions and predefined processes more flexible. Rather, we introduce just enough structure into groupware to being able to communicate your results to colleagues and to automate some routine tasks while not impeding how you actually want to organize your work.

Our case management solution provides social elements (e.g. activity streams) and manages cases consisting of documents, contacts, tasks, and events. Today, these case elements typically are scattered across many devices and services. Teams struggle with inconsistent information and redundant data entry. We implement certain web standards and protocols to integrate existing software and devices, i.e. on your teams mobile and stationary devices. Moreover, we implement Push synchronization for iOS and Android which allows e.g. typing in contact information on a laptop and immediately see and use (call) the data on your smartphone.