Here, you’ll find a description of all operators, functions, and attributes that can be used in code expresions within Pertuniti.

This description covers all operators, functions, and attributes of objects that are available in expressions within document templates. You may often need the descriptions of functions and object attributes. Are clear overview of the actual creation of document templates is available here!


Literals are strings that directly represent fixed values in expressions, e.g. integers. Literals can be combined (with variables) using operators. Also, they can be applied as arguments of functions.

Input Value Type Example
[+/-]Number Type Double 1337
[+/-][Number].Number Type Double -3.14
int(Double value) Type Integer int(42)
'n Characters' Type String 'Hello World'
"n Characters" Type String "Hello World"
\" Double quote "\""
\' Single quote "\'"
\n New line "\n"
\\ Backslash "\\"
\else Applied w/o further interpretation "\pertuniti" = "pertuniti"
True Type Boolean: True TRUE, true
False Type Boolean: False FALSE, false
Null Null NULL, null

For strings, you do not need to escape the respective other quotation mark. Non-string-literals are case-insensitive, i.e. false = FALSE = FaLsE.


Operator Semantics
Arg + Arg Addition
Arg - Arg Subtraction
Arg * Arg Multiplication
Arg / Arg Division
Arg < Arg Less
Arg <= Arg Less equal
Arg > Arg Greater than
Arg >= Arg Greater equal
Arg == Arg Equal
Arg != Arg Unequal
Arg and Arg And
Arg or Arg Or
!Arg Negation
Arg == Arg Equal
Arg != Arg Unequlal
String Example
Arg + Arg Concatenation "a" + "b" = "ab"
Arg * Arg Multiplication "." * 3 = "..."
Arg and Arg Boolean and operation, false represented by "False" or "", otherwise true "True" and false = false
Arg or Arg Boolean or operation, false represented by "False" or "", otherwise true "True" or false = true
Arg == Arg Equal
Arg != Arg Unequal
Object.Field Access to attribute Field of the object Object
Object[index] Access to the list or array Object at the position index
Arg == Arg Equal
Arg != Arg Unequal


Available Attributes

Our security model restricts access to attributes of objects that were not explicitly released. The following tables determine the configured object types and currently available attributes.

Currently, we only added attributes to the security model that were actually necessary for templates. If you need further access to attributes that are captured within the application but not available in the respective table, contact

Generally, expressions can only access information that the performing user has access to, i.e. document templates adhere to the rights management of your cases.


Name Type Semantics
Name String Case name
Owner Contact Case owner
Tasks Set Tasks of the case (not deleted)


Name Type Semantics
Prefix String Name prefix, e.g. "Dr."
FirstName String First name
MiddleName String Middle name(s)
LastName String Last name
Suffix String Name suffix, e.g. "M.B.A."
Organization String Name of organization
isOrganization Boolean True if contact represents organization
Birthday Date Birthday
Gender String Gender, within "MALE", "FEMALE", "OTHER", "UNKNOWN"


Name Type Semantics
POBox String PO Box
Extension String Second address line
Street String Street / number
Locality String Location
Region String Region
Zipcode String Zip code
Country String Country


Name Type Semantics
Number String Phone or fax number
Type String Type of phone number, within "MOBILE", "IPHONE", "PRIVATE", "WORK", "HEADQUARTERS", "FAX_PRIVATE", "FAX_WORK", "FAX_OTHER", "PAGER", "OTHER"


Name Type Semantics
Id Integer Id of the task
Description String Name of the task
Status TaskStatus Current status of the task
Assigned Contact Task assigned to (optional)
Due Date Task due date (optional)
Priority Integer Priority of the task (optional)
Tags List List of assigned tags
Order Integer Order in the list


Name Type Semantics
Name String Unlocalized name of the status
Type String Basic type of the status, within "NEEDS_ACTION", "COMPLETED", "IN_PROGRESS", "CANCELLED"

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